Someone doesn’t use Social networks, but all of us use email.

What is included in all our packages

Writing contents

Based on your kind of business and selling targets, we will prepare high-quality creative content newsletters and send them at the best time. We can send, every time you want, any information you want your customers to know, such as special deals, promotions, events, etc.

Analytics & Reports

We will analyse the results of the newsletters campaigns and send you a report containing the results, meaning you can understand how readers react, what are the most topics/products/offers people are interested in, etc.

How to improve

Based on how people reacted to newsletter campaigns, you can understand what customer are more interested in and take strategic decisions on what to offer or improve. We will help you to analyse their behavior and interests and get essential info for your business.

Grow your lists

Whatever your contact list sources, we will regularly update your lists. We have in our portfolio a lot of tools to grow your contact lists rapidly. This means to be discovered by a lot of new customers!

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