The lifeblood of any online business.

Your aim as a business is to run marketing campaigns that helps your business get spotted, that ensures you can start seeing long-term conversions, and to help sell repeat products to customers who have come back for more. As ever, though, you need to be fully aware of what you are doing and the direction that you are heading to make that possible.

Traffic Temperature – It’s Getting Hot in Here!

One of the major factors in making a strong marketing campaign comes from the ‘temperature’ of the traffic you are getting. This has become a common way of looking at the kind of tiers of traffic that most businesses target and receive.

So, what does this mean?

  • You get what is known as Cold Traffic. These are people who have never heard of your business, and their first interaction with you will come through a marketing campaign. It’s like meeting someone in a bar for the first time: you are starting from scratch, zero.
  • Then, you get Warm Traffic. Warm traffic is the traffic which has found you before or has heard of you in the past. They are also interested in finding out more about you, and are interested in potentially coming back in the future – it could be social media users, subscribers to a list, or similar.
  • Lastly, you have Hot Traffic. With this kind of traffic, you are usually dealing with people who have been buyers in the past and who have committed to working with your business at least once beforehand. As such, they know you and what you offer, and this means you need to target them in a different way.

So, as you can see, you don’t just have one marketing campaign. You cannot market to someone who is Cold to you by using the same tactics you use for a Hot traffic campaign. They don’t know who you are, nor do they tend to appreciate the familiar approach that the majority of Hot campaigns follow. At the same time, though, someone who has been a loyal customer in the past won’t appreciate you introducing yourself to them all over again – it leaves them wondering if you even noticed them beforehand.

With all of this in mind, you have a rather particular problem that you need to deal with – you need to understand the goals, aims and long-term plans for each form of traffic. Let’s take a look, then, at the aims and ambitions for each campaign.

Cold Traffic

Typically, with Cold traffic these people are looking to be introduced to the business for the first time. This means easing them in gently, finding solutions to help them be introduced to your business, to see your long-term aims and ambitions, and see how closely they join with you on that front.

The most common form of marketing approach for such a traffic program would be looking at creating interesting blog content, running social media awareness campaigns, creating and sharing case studies, or even hosting some media like a video or a podcast. This can be the nice little introduction and easing into your business that they needed, ensuring that they can feel comfortable working with your business in the future.

Think of your goals at this level as introducing yourself and letting people know that you stand for the right things in life. That can be essential for prosperous and enjoyable growth in time.

Warm Traffic

Next, you want to pay attention to Warm traffic. This is built around the mentality of offering something a little more – you’ve got the hook, now you need to reel them in. This could be anything from offering a sale through social media for current followers, to free trials and even freebies like a book, a How to guide, a voucher or even a webinar to help explain something more abstract about your business and its aims.

It’s all about being creative when it comes to warm traffic. This means that you do everything from offering videos to help promote new releases to offering access to software and plug-ins that were not there beforehand.

These people know you and they care for what you have to offer – make the most of that today, and you can make them return buyers.

Hot Traffic

Lastly, Hot traffic has to be treated to something special. They already came once – so what is the incentive that you can offer to make them return again? You are looking for any kind of paid-for product that can suit your industry. From offering tips on how to cook to providing cheap access points to premium products, many solutions exist that you can make the most of.

With the help of this kind of thinking, you can soon offer a level of effectiveness that makes it easier to really get those big, return investments coming through.

However, other options that you can provide at this stage includes a Done for You service, giving a bit of value and extra help to those who have worked with you before. The little things make the biggest difference, which can be proven as time moves on and you see ex-buyers returning for more.

With all of this in mind, you should find it easier to start developing a long-term plan that allows you to connect with all three forms of traffic. Together, this should make it easier for you to entice people with the right suggestions, leading to the most enjoyable returns on all of your campaigns and investments.

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