You can’t ignore it.
Loved by users, TripAdvisor is the most used platform used to choose restaurants and hotels, and to share experiences.

TripAdvisor users fall into two main categories:

  • People seeking and sharing their good experiences. They sometimes leave reviews that can include constructive and courteous feedbacks that are very useful and welcome.
  • People seeking their 5 minutes of glory. Hidden behind a keyboard, they publicly give sentences far from being constructive, even though they don’t have any competence in the matter they are evaluating.

Being publicly judged on TripAdvisor, might hurts your business reputation. So, how to formulate a proper answer to a review? Here our 8 best practices.

  1. Respond to all reviews
    Responding to reviews shows to previous and future customers that you take customer feedback seriously and that you are customer oriented. This will encourage more customers to leave other positive comments.
  2. Respond quickly especially to negative reviews
    It’s crucial to react quickly when negative reviews are left, as it’s important to correct anything misleading that was mentioned by the reviewer. In case something went actually wrong, it’s a good practice to tell what actions were taken to solve the problem described in the review.
  3. Respond professionally and with courtesy
    Keep in mind that your answer will not only be seen by the reviewer, but also by your potentials future customers. If you believe the review is not fair, tell your point of view in a courteous and unemotional way. Avoid being aggressive as this might turn off your future potential guests.
  4. Always thank the reviewer
    Show that all comments are relevant to you, either positive or negative. Based on the circumstances, consider giving an apology if something went wrong.
  5. Explain how you solved a problem
    If the review contains a specific complaint, explain what you have done to fix the issue so potential guests are reassured that the problem has been resolved. If additional details are needed from the reviewers, feel free to provide your contact details and encourage them to be in touch with you.
  6. Emphasize the positives
    In case of good comments, take the opportunity to highlight how much you strive to give your customers the best service.
  7. Avoid repeating negatives
    In case of negative remarks, avoid repeating them in your answer. Keep in mind that repetitions make it easier for your response to be found on Google.
  8. Check the spelling before responding
    Prepare your answer using a word processor so that you can be sure the spelling is correct.

What if the reviewer is using a vulgar language and the review is breaking the TripAdvisor policy? We have good news here! If you report it to TripAdvisor, you have a very good chance that review is removed!

Next time you have to respond a review, sit down, breathe calmly, open your laptop and ensure what you are writing is following these important best practices. We understand for most restaurant managers answering the reviews takes too much time, but this is extremely crucial to build a solid reputation online which is key to acquire new customers. Idearla helps restaurants tracking and responding positive and negative reviews on TripAdvisor, Facebook and Google. If you need help, you can write us from the About Us page or sending us an email.


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