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In the previous article How to Answer a TripAdvisor Review? 8 Best Practices You Need to Follow we discussed the critical things to be kept in consideration when answering a TripAdvisor review. If you haven’t read that one, you might want to check it first. In this article instead we will show you 3 practical examples of TripAdvisor review answers.


Example 1: 5-star review. 
A guest had a pleasant experience during a lunch on Sunday and he is congratulating the staff for being brilliant.

Positive reviews don’t require a particularly long answer. The reviewer dedicated some of his time to write a positive feedback and he deserves to be thanked. Your answer will help to establish a stronger relationship with your customer and this is crucial to let the customer come back. There is no need to have a particularly long answer, but it is enough to restate the positive comments and to thank the reviewer. An example would be:

We appreciate your kind words about the great Sunday lunch and brilliant staff! Thank you very much for staying with us and I hope to see you back in the future.


Example 2: 4-star review. 
A guest is appreciating the restaurant interior and he is saying the staff was great. Although the content of the review is perfect, the reviewer decided to give only 4 stars. Also in this case we will need to restate the positive comments and to thank the customer with an answer that should be personalised. Even if we would have preferred a 5 star review, it is important to keep the tone of the answer positive. Here is an example:

We are glad you enjoyed our cosy fire and comfy sofas and as well you liked the interior decorations. Thank you for your candid comments about our attentive staff that worked very hard to give a great service. We hope to see you soon in the future.


Example 3: 1-star review. 
A guest complaining about high prices and slow coming food. Answering review like this one will require courtesy and a professional tone, even if we think the reviewer is not particularly competent on the matter. Your answer is not going to be read just by the reviewer, but will be seen also by your potential new customers. Answers to the negative reviews is among the most read contents on TripAdvisor pages. Although it is important to answer quickly to clarify any misleading information given by the reviewer, after reading the review the first time, you might need some time to cool off. When you are ready to prepare your response, you should not repeat whatever negative things were said as you don’t want Google to remember that. Instead, you will have to explain how you solved the problem emphasising all the positive things. The good news is that you will have a chance to explain your customers things that they will probably would have never known otherwise. Here how you could answer:

I would like to thank this TripAdvisor member for his feedback. We are sorry if it took long to prepare your dishes. Our chef changed in May and, considering his experience working in starred restaurants, he is used to pay attention to every minimal detail before the dishes are served. We would like to reassure you that we order every day fresh food to ensure high quality of all our dishes. Nevertheless, the generous tip you left gave us the feeling you enjoyed your time with us. Again, thank you very much for dining with us and we hope to see you back in the future.


Hopefully these examples gave you a useful input. We all know answering reviews takes time, but this is crucial to build your online reputation and to establish a good relationship with your customers. Responding to your customers reviews means building your restaurant future. Ignoring this now will create relevant challenges in the future.

If you don’t feel particularly confident answering reviews, you might want to delegate this task to somebody with experience in digital communication. We also do this professionally so, if you need any help, do not hesitate to write us from the About Us page or sending us an email.

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