If you do it right, you can win new customers, make sales and earn more profits.

It was never easy to achieve success when it comes to Email Marketing. The usual problem faced by email marketers is that they do not understand and they do not really know the role of every portion of the email.  Here 4 best practices that you can follow to send email successfully.

  1. Define the purpose of your email.
    Every email that you send should serve one of these five purposes:

    • indoctrinate to teach people who you are
    • engage to get people to buy
    • ascend to get people to purchase more
    • segment to learn what people like to purchase next time
    • reengage to bring your customers back

    Email purpose is key and this is definitely where you really need to begin.

  2. Choose a catchy subject.
    Your efforts will be useless when your emails are ignored. To encourage the recipients to open and read the email, you need to come up with the greatest email subject lines. You should choose something catchy that either generates curiosity, or gives benefits to convince the recipients to OPEN your emails and read them through.
  3. Write an email body that will be clicked
    Your emails are not just meant to be opened, but they are also designed to convince the readers to BUY. Just like the email subject, also the email body should generate curiosity or give benefits. The email body should contain at least 3 links to your landing page. Each link should give the reader a different reason to CLICK:

    • Create Curiosity
      e.g. Have you ever thought you could get more sales using these very powerful methods?
    • Give Benefit
      e.g. This guide will help you to…
    • Use Scarcity
      e.g. Claim your discount here, the sale ends TOMORROW at MIDNIGHT.
  4. Prepare an attractive landing page.
    The subject line was used to get the email OPENed. The email body generated the wanted CLICK. At this point, even though the landing page doesn’t belong to the email, you need a landing page to complete your sale. The landing pages will be fully covered in a separate article.

Ready to start with email marketing? Have a question? Write us an email!

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