Facebook knows your customers better than you.

What is included in all our packages

Campaigns setup

We will analyse your advertising purposes and identify the best settings for your adverts, choosing among the many available options, critical to achieve results. Targeting will be based on the geographical area where the customers are located, their interests, age, behaviour, websites visited, etc.

Multiple Creative Adverts

We will produce content and prepare multiple creative ads, using capturing slogans and following the best practices in digital advertising.

Continuous Monitoring and Performance improvement

We will constantly monitor the campaigns and adjust them to deliver you the best ROI (Return On Investment) to ensure you feel that every penny invested into your business is worthwhile.

Monthly Report

We will send you a report every month showing the results of your campaigns and advertising investments.

We offer different payment solutions and we can help you choose the best option to ensure it fits with your budgets and your ambitions. Contact us today!

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